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The Month of September

septemberSeptember always reminds me of starting school. The new pencil boxes, big erasers and lined paper. New shoes and maybe a new outfit or sweater. The excitement of those early days: who will be my teacher? Who will be in my home room this year? I’m going to try for an A in algebra class this year.

I always vowed that each new school year would be different, that I’d be different, better somehow: I wouldn’t copy a friend’s homework anymore; I wouldn’t skip class to gather leaves in the hills or skim rocks across the creek. I’d be different. In September, I had a brand new chance to better myself. Have you ever thought like this? Wanting a new beginning?

Autumn is a reminder of that opportunity. Time to read those magazines and books piled up by the bed. Time to start something new at work, whether it be attitude or accomplishments. Time to make a new friend, clean the closet and give away clothes you no longer want. Time to be creative and explore yourself, your goals and your environment. Time to develop a new product or way of doing something. Time to take a risk and not worry about failing or falling on your face.

Time to promise yourself you can do whatever you put your mind to.

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