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Reviews for “Leaving”

Book Reviews for “Leaving … Sometimes You Have to Leave”:

“The successful founder of [Women Leading Kentucky] describes her rise from humble roots in [her second book],  Leaving.  Holloway is at her best when her self-reflection reaches deep…for example…she breaks down how the ingrained social ideal of women as wives caused her to repeatedly sabotage herself without realizing it.  This memoir is a remembrance of an engaging life that has several high points.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Holloway’s journey took her from the rural coal mining town of Sarah Ann, WV, to the teeming streets of Manhattan and beyond.  Like a familiar vacation spot, I find myself wanting to revisit pages and passages for the sheer pleasure of rediscovery.  Keen perception and lucid descriptions!” Charles Margolis, Owner, Interview Image Associates, LLC; Author “Did I Really Say That?  The Complete Pageant Interview Guide

“A compelling story of being held down, knocked around, and yet dragging yourself back up to finish the race and triumphing!” – Mary Morton

“What a fascinating life! Janet’s story of resilience and resourcefulness will both amaze and inspire you.” Liz Cornish, Author: Pass It On: Priceless Advice from Highly Successful Women

“This is more than a memoir; insights into the way past experience influences psychology are wrapped in a delightful amalgamation of stories and dialogue.” Dr. Lois Frankel, Author: Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom and Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

“Her life story reminded me of Forrest Gump’s: a roller coaster ride into the midst of pivotal societal events of the Sixties and Seventies — the beginnings of the civil rights struggle in Detroit and NYC, the assassinations of JFK and Dr. King, the women’s movement. Holloway’s journey is a ‘must read’ for every person who’s young or young at heart.” Elaina Zuker, Author: Seven Secrets of Influence and A Swift Kick in the Can’ts

“Told with rich humor and an honest voice, Leaving includes a cast of characters who are so real you expect them to walk off the pages and into your life. This story will resonate with anyone who has ever felt the urge to pack a suitcase and head out to find their place in the world! A highly enjoyable read that you won’t want to end!” – Marcia Thornton Jones, author/co-author of 132 books including WOODFORD BRAVE, and The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series.