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Good Behavior

Oops-SignHave you ever had a big meeting scheduled and you’ve already got your presentation ready, all the support documents you need…and you FORGET the meeting?  Gross!  It’s happened to me more times than I’d like to count:  meetings with a sponsor or, perhaps even worse, a potential sponsor/client?  I go deep into how sorry I am – and I am – but, before long, I’m in the deep muddy.  Don’t know what else to say, feel horrible and stupid!  How many times – how many ways—can you say I’m sorry?

For that forgotten meeting, do you (1)send a note of apology?  (2)send flowers?  (3)apologize on the phone and drop the subject after that?(4)keep apologizing?  Of course, it depends on how important the meeting was; if others were involved and you were the only one who missed it, you might get a pass with just “I’m so sorry.”  Otherwise, a personally handwritten note or phone call might get you forgiveness.  One thing’s for certain, don’t keep apologizing…it keeps the issue alive and that’s not what you want.  Flowers are fine if it’s a big occasion, but not if you missed a coffee date.  I have a friend who’s had postcard sized photos of herself made, with this horrible screaming face (hers) and “I’m sorry” at the bottom of the card.  Sometimes a little humor helps.  Best thing to do?  Check your appointment schedule at the end of every day and show up!

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