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Leaving…Sometimes You Have to Leave

Have you ever had to leave someone or some place you love? Have you ever been left behind? Or left for good?

You might be interested, then, in my new book which will hit the shelves in mid-late June. It’s a memoir called “Leaving…sometimes you have to leave.” It’s the story of my grandmother’s advice and all that followed.

She often said to me, “A girl in West Virginia’s got only 3 choices: get religion, get pregnant or get out!” I tried Number 1 but had too many questions, too many doubts. I knew better than to try Number 2, so I took Number 3: getting out — leaving my family; the hills, backroads and creeks that I so loved; the people I  had known for a lifetime —  and I caught a train to New York City. Ready to be on my own, or so I thought. My grown-up life there and, later, in Kentucky is what this book is about. (You may have read about my childhood challenges in my first book, A Willful Child.)

At any rate, I’m giving you a heads up and will let you know once the book comes out. If you want to be on an email list to get a discounted and signed copy, reply to this post and give me your mailing address as well as email. I hope you’ll be interested. It’s been a labor of love for the past 2.5 years and, in particular, I think most women will benefit from the hard lessons I’ve had to learn. I hope to hear from you.
All best wishes and more to come,

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