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Help Build Resource Bank for Women

I’ve finally completed my second book — no title yet — and my brain feels empty. Has that ever happened to you? You put 110% into a project and when it’s over, there’s a let-down. Your brain cries “no more!” But, in time, your energy returns and you’re onto the next big project. In a way, that’s what this blog business is for me. It’s a challenge, but my next blog will be an overview about leadership and women. I intend to follow it up with interviews with successful women and men, many of whom are sponsors of Women Leading Kentucky. What are their challenges? What have they accomplished? What are their secrets to success? You can help by letting me know your questions, the challenges you face, the successes you’ve had and how you got there. Join me in making this blog inspirational and useful for Women Leading Kentucky. Let’s develop some relevant info that can be archived and available for women to access when needed.

Best wishes for 2017.  Stay in touch

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