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Janet Holloway was featured in the following magazines, newspapers and publications:

LinkedIn Article, January 2016 by Christopher Carney, Director of MBA Recruitment at the University of Kentucky, “Women Leading Kentucky is paving Their Way”: [Read Article]

“WLK provides a friendly, professional environment that is welcoming to all. Success is contagious when surrounded by Kentucky’s best and brightest. My business grows stronger with every event I attend.” – Kara Shepherd

Chevy Chaser Magazine, 2014 by Saraya Brewer, “Local Leadership Group Focuses on Empowering Kentucky Women”:  [Read Article]

Janet Holloway, co-founder and Executive Director of Women Leading Kentucky, is glad to admit that the playing field for men and women is “more equal than it’s ever been.”

Chevy Chaser Magazine, 2013 by Linda Hinchcliffe, “Book Review: A Willful Child” [Read Article]

“Author Janet Holloway begins her story in a speck of a town in West Virginia that is so small it doesn’t show up on any map.”

Business Lexington, August 7, 2012 by Tom Martin, “Women Leading Kentucky Founder to Step Down”: [Read Article]

“You, we’ve had a fantastic year. And I don’t know who it was who said it, but when you’re leaving, go out on top. I feel like that’s part of this. ” – Janet says.

KY Forward, May 7, 2012 by Judy Clabes, “Janet Holloway founded, grows Women Leading Ky. conference, scholarships”: [Read Article]

“I co-founded Women Leading Kentucky to create opportunities for women to lead, learn, achieve and give back to the community,” Janet says.